Strategic planning

In today’s dynamic business environment it is impossible to be successful without a clear strategy or development plan. Strategic planning as a management tool is used for only one purpose – helping the organization to do a better job.

Strategic planning improves the organization’s orientation and products:

  • Understanding the purpose of the organization, understanding the values shared by the administration and other stakeholders; Supports and increases the level of commitment towards the organization and its goals
  • Action plan. The plan is a framework of actions that guides and supports the management and administration of the company
  • Provides management with a roadmap for observing achievements and assessing information
  • Information’s that may be useful for marketing access to the public

For this purpose, we can help you focus your vision and priorities in relation to a changing business environment through the following services:

  • analysis of the market and business environment
  • making strategies for regional, local and sectoral development
  • development of enterprise development strategies and other organizational units
  • making marketing strategies and plans.

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