OP competitiveness and cohesion

Use:  Financing of projects in the field of transport and environment, investment in production with the aim of job creation, infrastructure investment and local development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Activities that can be financed are linked to:

  • transport infrastructure that contributes to environmentally sustainable urban and public transport and environmental infrastructure to take over EU environmental standards;
  • efficient use of energy and renewable energy sources;
  • productive investments that contribute to the creation and preservation of viable jobs, through support for small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • investment in the infrastructure of providing basic citizens services in the areas of energy, environment, transport and information and communication technologies;
  • investment in social, health and education infrastructure;
  • the development of the internal potential by supporting local and regional development and research and innovation.

Potential users – Public authorities, schools, local and regional authorities, training centers, state administration, associations, universities and the business sector – small and medium enterprises, crafts.

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