Investment Promotion Act

Are you planning an investment in equipping, building or reconstructing and opening up new jobs? Contact us and use incentive measures through the Investment Promotion Act!

Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Croatia has brought the Investment Incentive Act, through which incentive measures can be made to invest in tangible and intangible assets, the gross salary for new vacancies and training for workers.

The right to use measures under this Act may be used by micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs.

Incentive measures through the Investment Promotion Act are:

  • tax support
  • support for the justified costs of new jobs associated with the investment project
  • support for justified training costs with the investment project
  • capital investment aid for the investment project
  • support for labor intensive investment projects

The minimum investment for implementing incentive measures for micro entrepreneurs is the sum of 50.000,00 EUR and opening up 3 new work places, while for small, medium and large entrepreneurs it amounts to 150.000,00 EUR and opening up 5 new work places.

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