EU funds

A good idea is a foundation for getting nonrefundable financial grants from the EU funds. Development of the project ideas for the EU grants is a long-lasting and challenging process which starts with counseling and selecting of the appropriate means of funding through EU grants. The process continues with the development of the project application that includes financial plans that will meet the terms of the specific call for proposals.

After the project application has been approved, a contract is signed between the investor and the governing body, but the real challenges lie beyond this point. With the vast experience that our qualified personnel possesses, we offer you the service of implementing the project, monitoring project activities, financial planning, reporting, an every other possible situation in the project implementation process, till the final report is submitted.

With our proven knowledges and experiences, we can offer you the following services:

  • Business counseling
  • Finding sources of funding via EU grants
  • Development and creation of the project application
  • Project management
  • Implementing the public procurement processes
  • Project reporting
  • Counseling on the obligations of the signed parties of  the grant contract

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